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Welcome to Oakville Naturopathic Clinic

Restoring, Optimizing and Maintaining Good Health

The Oakville Naturopathic Clinic is a vibrant family health clinic that has been serving thousands of patients since it’s inception in 1992.  It is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Oakville, Ontario.

Our patients have come back year after year to benefit from our medical expertise which is rooted in science and clinical excellence, and takes into account each person as a unique individual.  Our strength is in uncovering and addressing the underlying cause of disease or imbalance, and building a customized treatment plan that is effective and that fits into your life.

Our appointments are designed to give you the time and space to share all of your health concerns.  They are collaborative in nature because we believe that whole health requires a whole approach.

Our medical services are covered by most insurance plans, and we have an on-site dispensary that carries an extensive supply of professional supplements for your convenience.  These are just some of the many ways we are working to simplify health and well-being.

We are pleased to offer a complimentary 15-minute introductory visit with one of our naturopathic doctors.   This is a great opportunity to get to know the doctor, ask some questions and see if you would like to book an appointment.   Call the clinic at 905.844.7718 to book your complimentary visit today.

Our Services

Serving the Oakville community for over 25 years, our team of experts specialize in multiple areas of Interest. Our patients have come back year after year to benefit from our expertise.  See our Doctors

Testing Services

Specialized testing services to identify and monitor ailments. Tests o...

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Nutrition & Supplementation

The foundation of good health is a diet which focuses on consumption o...

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Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese medicine, an ancient medici...

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Family Planning

Family planning is natural way to support couples effort to get pregna...

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Massage Therapy

Oakville Naturopathic Clinic offers a variety of Massage Therapy Modal...

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Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine is the use of plants for their scientifically resea...

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Our Fees


Initial Visit (90 minutes) $190
Follow up Visit 60 minutes $145
Follow up Visit 45 minutes $105
Follow up visit 30 minutes $75
Follow up visit 30 minutes $75
Pediatric visit 60 minutes $145
Pediatric visit 90 minutes $190